An app revealing your unique power days
 for success in business, travel and love.

About the App

Our app uses your date of birth to provide you with your unique power days based on the research and wisdom of cardology.

Your date of birth has a coinciding suite, like that found in a deck of cards. That card suite can provide you with insight into your unique personality traits& strengths; along with celebrities that share your suite.

 Use your power days provided in this app to plan a special trip, important business deal, home purchase, product launch or romantic date.

You can call us if you are a iOS user to receive your power dates, by calling 336.273.7406

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Hearts represent love, emotions and youth. The person who is a heart is emotional and compassionate; they learn about life through socializing and being in relationships. Lower expressions of a Hearts person includes co-dependence, promiscuity, or being overly demanding in relationships. Hearts are the children of the deck, and may retain a youthful quality even into their later years.


Clubs represent knowledge, ideas and our school (learning) years. The person who is a Club is always thinking, and enjoys reading, learning, talking and sharing ideas. It might be hard for the Clubs person to slow down their busy mind. Practicing mindfulness or meditation can be very valuable to the Club. Lower expressions of a Clubs person include being prone to worry and gossip.


Diamonds represent money and the things and people we value. The Diamond is on the planet to consider what they value most, and discover how to make money. They may also offer money making or career suggestions to friends & family. Diamonds are the ‘adults’ of the deck and do not appreciate being told what to do.


Spades represent work, health, spirituality and transformation. Spades is the strongest suit and, like diamonds, they don’t appreciate being told what to do. People who are spades are typically calm, wise souls. They may seem mature even at a young age. Spades usually enjoy working and keeping busy with activities. They may be happier and healthier when they develop an interest in spirituality.